Winter 2021 Global Gallery


Chaoyang District Experimental Primary School Fuyuan Teacher: Ailen Chen
No. 80 Middle School | Dalian, China

Paris | International School of Paris
Jasper S | Grade 7
Paris | Lennen Bilingual School
Dahlia S | Age 10

Epetalio | Teacher: Denisa Sima
Dimitris | Age 7
Krestena | Teacher: Denisa Sima
Pyrgos | Teacher: Denisa Sima


World Heart Beat Music Academy | London, England
Sahana Gero MBE, Artistic Director
World Heart Beat Music Academy Christmas Concert

Part 1  and Part 2


World Heart Beat Music Academy performs ‘Love’s in Need of Love’ by Stevie Wonder arranged by Nick Cohen

In this hugely inspirational song, Love’s in Need of Love Today, Stevie Wonder’s message to the world is clear; love is needed to help heal the world. We wanted to perform this lockdown version to bring love, empathy and the feeling of oneness to all in our community. Love embodies humanity’s universal aspiration for peace and oneness and gives us an avenue to express our hopes and dreams for a better, brighter future across the world.</p) The poignant track was chosen to remind us all that brighter days lie ahead. They give us hope that during these sad times of loss and separation, love is the answer. The music video features 115 young musicians from World Heart Beat Music Academy. They have all come together remotely to help share the need for love, lifting our spirits in light of the continued lockdown.  
Rye Country Day School
Ellen Chen | Age 15 | 9th Grade
Greenwich, CT | Greenwich Academy | Sherry Tamalonis
Rye, NY
BPF Nepal Subcommittee Holiday Cards
This Nepal Subgroup has been working this Winter to create student art holiday cards to the Rye Community that will benefit the Bel Kandra Girls’ School in Nepal. The images below were created by Rye middle and high school students and were shared to bolster holiday cheer and raise funds for art supplies and programming in the Nepal School. Moving into the Spring, students in this group with be planning a collaborative Art Exchange with the Nepal students via a pen pal relationship to exchange stories and communication via the power of images are creativity. More to come from this group then!
Rye High School

Felicia A | Age 15 | Chopin Scherzo No1 in B Minor, Op20

Rye Middle School
S.A.L.T. Squad | Teacher: Amanda Ecker | Kindness/Diversity Theme