Shared Themes

See the Winter 2018 Global Gallery by Theme

Themes are created by kids.  Kids then make art based on each other’s themes.  If kids just want to send their independent arts submissions that are not based on themes, that’s ok, too.  However, we’re building toward a more collaborative global program, so following each other’s themes is preferable.

Kids, send us your ideas!
Kids are invited to send pitch videos or write-ups about their ideas, once a year (deadline: April 30th).  New themes are posted when the Spring Global Gallery opens at the end of May.  The new themes last for the entire following year.

Ongoing themes
We do have some ongoing themes.  They are each marked with an asterix *.

Approach the themes your own way!
You’re welcome to use any form of expression you choose.  If a theme is followed by a direction like, “draw ____________,” the word “draw” is only a suggestion.

Example:  If a theme says, draw part of an imaginary animal, you don’t need to “draw.”  If you choose to sculpt, print, or sing about a part of an imaginary creature, we welcome your contribution.

Please send your art to  Please make sure that your parents have submitted a permission slip.  If you are a teacher or group leader, please send the group leaders’ release form , that verifies you have permission to submit art from parents and legal guardians of the kids in your group.


2017-2018 Themes

  • Turn our Indian BPF kids’ lyrics into a song
  • Draw part of an imaginary animal (it will be assembled with parts from others’ imaginary animals, to create multicultural creatures).
  • Rainbows
  • Fish
  • Design a car or a cart
  • Who are you?  Make art that lets viewers know something about you
  • Invent a viral dance move
  • Invent candy and/or a wrapper
  • Build a fort
  • Create a fidget toy
  • Make art for public service announcements, about an issue of concern to you
  • Create a “How To” video.
  • Create a heart mural and include words about the world in which you want to live
  • Inspirational Performances
  • Doodle


2016-2017 Themes

  • Robots
  • Zombies
  • Best Things in Life
  • Portals
  • Magical Forest
  • Who Are You?
  • Projects from the classroom
  • Inspirational Performances
  • All About You
  • Doodlers