2019 Apple Worshops

As a steadfast supporter of our efforts, the Apple Store in Greenwich has designed and offered a range of free workshops for BPF kids, over the past two years.  This spring, Apple’s creative geniuses, Rob, Krys, and Mohammad, led 3 Garage Band and Apple Pencil workshops and helped participants prepare submissions for our Spring 2019 Global Gallery. Rory, Rye, NY Holbrook, Rye, NY Cole, Rye, NY Chloe, Rye, NY Bill, Rye, NY Ayden, Rye, NY Thomas, Rye, NY Julianne, Rye, NY Allen, Rye, NY Felicia, Rye, NY Miss Tam Ayden, Rye, NY Ummmmmmmmmmmm
Rory, Rye, NY Untitled_Artwork 2 Bill, Rye, NY Untitled_Artwork 3
Holbrook, Rye, NY Untitled_Artwork 4
Julianne, Rye, NY Untitled_Artwork 5
Mark, Rye, NY Untitled_Artwork copy
medium blank