and the Global Citizenship Award goes to…. smallest clear bar Samoan anthem Spring 2020 fixed draft smallest clear bar ♥♥♥  First BPF Global School to Receive this Award smallest clear bar I fell in love with Samoa when I visited the Marist Brothers Primary School and the Saint Mary’s Primary School, both of Apia, Samoa, last summer.  The reaction was in response to the Samoans focus on preserving the earth, their commitment to family and faith, the kindness and respect Samoans show each other and outsiders, and the fact that singing is part of every grade-school class, in every subject, and part of adult ceremonial life.  However, they didn’t win the Global Citizenship Award for any of those reasons.  They won this award, an award that has been created for them because… smallest clear barA) The Marist Brothers Primary School Boys, their teachers, and their principal honored their commitment to making a national anthem video, even when they discovered the other global BPF schools couldn’t complete the challenge because of the quarantine. smallest clear bar B) They rallied to help me, by submitting lots of content when they heard the quarantine was causing global submission delays.
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