Best in Show Spring 2020

Best-In-Show England Topdome world heart beat spring 2020 - best in show super skinny blank While in quarantine, the kids in the World Heart Beat Music Academy Program have never waned from their dedicated music studies.  100 kids came together to create their “Lockdown Video.”  Over 80 usable audio tracks were mixed and then 101 videos were cut to it.   Their bass teacher volunteered to do the arrangement of the song and mixing.  Their piano and composition teacher did the editing.  From the World Heart Beat Music Academy website (…


World Heart Beat Music Academy is a joyful, welcoming and innovative place, where young people, aged 5-25, are brought together with world-class musicians to share their love of music.

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • A powerful commitment to musical excellence.
  • A warm embrace of people, cultures and world music.
  • A non-exclusive, non-elitist philosophy, with no financial barriers.
The charity, founded in 2009 by Sahana Gero MBE, promotes music as a universal form of communication – one that quite simply transforms the lives of young people. We nurture young talent by providing a richly diverse, unique and inclusive teaching environment, and offer a broad programme of learning and events. Our open admissions policy ensures that there are no barriers, financial or other – we provide music education for all young people, offering free tuition and instruments for those in need.
super skinny blankworld heart beat spring 2020