2020 – 2021 Themes and Challenges

Director’s SUMMER 2020 CHALLENGE
How would you advise your country’s leader to address one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals?  Make art about how you would lead an effort or coordinate a project to get your community involved with a project.  Document with photos, posters, and more. smallest clear bar english_SDG_17goals_poster_all_languages_with_UN_emblem_1 smallest clear bar Our National Anthem Music Challenge has been Extended for Another Year. We will update the National Anthem Gallery, as we receive submissions, rather than waiting for an end-of-year release.smallest clear bar ONGOING THEMES -Projects to Serve and Build Your Local, National, and Global Community -Art Your Way – whatever you want to make -Kids Teach Kids -All About You -Performances -Protecting the Earth -Flowers & Rainbows -Animals -Food -Sports -Friends and Family -Holidays -Social Justice and Public Service Announcements (We love this theme, but please consider how best to express yourself when making art for a forum like this that includes kids who have experienced wars and tragedies.  We reserve the right not to publish work for any reason.) -BPF Logo Art . THEME REPRISALS Sometimes we spontaneously revive an old theme like “Robots” when it seems like it’s on lots of kids’ mindssmallest clear bar 2020 – 2021 THEMES AND CHALLENGES -Humor -Tie-Dye -Your Sketch Book – Robots, video games, and other tech toys and inventions. – Science -Everything related to the quarantine of 2020 -Storytime (learn more) -Interviews with COVID-19 Heroes -Eyeballs Drawings of eyeballs are one of my less favorite themes, but kids LOVE drawing eyes, so I’ve given up resisting.  You can draws eyes to your hearts’ content.  Go for it.  (director’s side note: aghghggh) We do not publish art that includes weapons, violence, gratuitous sadness, or imagery that might offend kids’ cultures.  We do, however, reserve the right to show social justice art that may touch upon the banned topics, when we feel it will serve a greater good. smallest clear bar
smallest clear bar