What’s Happening with BPF Iraq?

What’s Happening with BPF Iraq? The people of Iraq have been protesting corruption in their government, a lack of infrastructure, and the intermittent shut down of electricity, internet, and other resources.  In November, 28 US kids gathered at the Rye Rec, in Rye, NY. Part of the mission for the day was to connect with the kids in our Iraqi group. We had a huge wide-screen tv set up and our Zoom app open. The Iraqi kids didn’t show up. This was a point of concern because the Iraqi kids are some of the most responsible and devoted members of all of our groups. We tried What’s Apping them, but kept getting an emergency sound. A day later, our BPF Iraq group leader, Rami, told me they hadn’t been able to connect because their utilities were shut off. They have been part of BPF since February 2017 and they have become our valued friends.  Their situation isn’t unique. Around the world, there are outbreaks of similar violence and people who are suffering. However, right now, our Iraqi kids are in the thick of it.