Message from Kiran, our Bal Kendra School Director

Message from Kiran Dutta Tewari, our Bal Kendra School Director Bal Kendra School, Kathmandu, Nepal Saraswati is a symbol of learning, the image in the form of statue and big size arts are in the farm places in schools, in theatre and art and musical institutions or programs. Especially last Thursday was Basant Panchami, Manjushree Panchami … was the first day of spring also the end of winter. Losar a festival that started century ago to celebrate harvesting continued celebrating late December in lower hill areas Gurungs celebrated their Tamu Losar about a month ago, last Sunday, Tamangs celebrated their Sonam Losar, and this coming Saturday the people living closer to the border Tibet and Sherpas and also across the border in Lasha, Tibet, China they will be celebrating Ghylpo Losa also new year, year of mouse. The winter and early spring months we were and are having several joyful days. The day Sarasota, Shree Panchami,… also is celebrated listening to the typical music performances as Panchami music, also children around do have different activities like art workshops, musical programs.. also for little to introduce them with colors, books, pens, and copies… I did have fun being in Balkendra in the morning and also going to Bijeshoree seeing the happiness in children as few were awarded for excellence in academy and other activities arts, music, sports and other.   83894287_10220698847970314_9025944308791902208_n84593638_10220700417209544_6580383264660258816_n