Sally’s Half Marathon

Sally’s Half Marathon In August, Rye High School student and inspiring Big Picture Foundation youth leader, Sally E. generously used her own moment of glory, the completion of her first half-marathon, as an opportunity to support the work of our nonprofit. She found sponsors for her run, which raised $650. In June, Sally spearheaded our local BPF climate change awareness project on Rye Beach. Two years ago, she and a group of friends raised $3000 for St. Clements’ program to support life-needs of orphaned kids in South Africa. Sally considers how best to strengthen her local and global community.  She is a force of change. Stay tuned for her next move! 68534613_10157072485801677_7495415953899913216_o67907607_10157072498271677_545581573827723264_o69085704_10157072492266677_5444999236804411392_o