14 Big Picture Foundation kids, all from the Rye City School District, enjoyed a wonderful trip to UN Day!   Our banner, showing global kids’ climate change awareness projects, was prominently displayed at the event.  10th grader, Charlie L., and 7th grader, Charlie I., asked thoughtful questions.  The speakers were interesting, our attentive students earned the respect of the organizers, the weather was perfect, and the kids felt empowered when they stormed the gates at Chase Bank…
Two areas of focus were the impact of the financial industry on climate change and the inequity in the underprivileged populations that suffer the greatest burden from climate change.  The UN Day speakers gave the audience the list of companies that fund the fossil fuel industry, the leading cause of climate change.  Chase was the #1 offender.  After the event, the Rye kids decided they needed to do something to make a difference.  On the walk home, the kids went into a Chase bank and asked to speak with the branch manager.  Luckily, the manager was very good-humored about being surrounded by passionate children and she let them know she heard their concerns and that she agreed with them.
Un Day mergedKids at Grand Central StationIMG_9496UNA's picture of audience
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