Best in Show October 2019

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Kids from three schools in China accepted Iraqi Big Picture Foundation member, Anmar M’s challenge.  He suggested that BPF global kids share meals with each other.  Thoughtfully aligning with our mission for kids to use the arts for global community building, Anmar pointed out that coming together to eat is a sign of true friendship.  May, Martina, ZhiHao, Yike, Lucia, and Lisa take you on a culinary tour of China, thereby affirming their friendship with you, our BPF kids around the world.

ChaoYang Foreign Language Middle School, Beijing

Teachers: Xia Gong, Lin Hu, Student: CanRan W. (May)
May 3 pics
Link: May Introduces the Food of China

No. 80 Middle School, Dalian

Teacher: Hong Li, Student: KeYu L. (Martina)
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Link: Supper with Martina

ChaoYang Experimental Elementary School, FuYuan Branch, Beijing

Teachers: Yao Xiao, Lin Hu, Students: ZhiHao W., YiKe W., Lisa C., TongYu J. (Lisa
Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 9.49.07 PM
Link: Lisa Tells the History of Zongzi