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♥♥♥ Our 2019-2020 Big Picture Foundation year starts now ♥♥♥

Themes:  We are excited to announce our two major 2019-2020 themes… 2019-2020 Theme #1 – “Let’s Share a Meal” – In every culture food brings people together.  Please watch Anmar’s pitch video and think about sharing a meal, too.  You can follow his lead and actually cook or you can use other materials, like paint or clay to share a meal with global friends.  
  2019-2020 Theme #2 – “Our Beautiful Earth” – Our major overarching theme for the 2019-2020 school year is, “Our Beautiful Earth.”  
In conjunction with the United Nations upcoming September 23rd Climate Change Summit, we encourage kids in all of our global groups to work on at least one project, during the 2019-2019 school year, related to conservation, climate change problem-solving, and/or joy for the earth.  Projects can be done in any medium and kids can use any technique to address the theme.

June, July, and August Beach Day Challenge:  Kids will break into groups and spend a beach day using the sand to sculpt animals that are endangered in their country.

Kids will also build the name of their location out of the sand (or out of litter) and also use sand or litter to create a slogan about saving or valuing the earth.  In Rye, kids will use the slogan “Our Beautiful Earth.”  Your group can, too, or choose a different phrase.

Non-Beach Challenge:  In non-beach locations, kids can do a similar project by building animals out of mud from the earth beneath their feet, out of collected litter, out of objects that would be garbage, or out of a different material.
Please photograph your event:  Please take lots of photos of your event and submit the best.   If you’re at a beach, try to have someone use a drone to film from above.  Photos of the projects will be shared in our Big Picture Foundation 2019-2020 Global Galleries.
Kids’ Summit on Climate Change:  The photos may be shared at the United Nations at a kids’ summit on climate change, which is a satellite event to the September 23rd delegates’ summit.
Other places photography from this event might be seen:  Aside from being shared on the website, photos from the event may be shared with various Big Picture Foundation media affiliates, for the purpose of writing articles about the kids’ work and to support collaborator’s efforts and generosity.
Submissions Dates:  Submissions are due by the last day of September, the last day of January, and the last day of April.  Galleries open a month later.  Please respect the deadlines.  The month leeway is necessary for programming the online gallery. Submissions Email: Please ONLY send submissions to submissions@bigpicturefoundation.org Communication Email:  Please only email me with questions or with BPF related information at kmt@bigpicturefoundation.org Rye Leadership Group Meeting Dates:  To Be Determined. Please bookmark this page and check back to stay up-to-date. Global Music Collaboration: To Be Determined. Please bookmark this page and check back to stay up-to-date.