Back to Bach

The “Back to BACH” Project’s

collaboration with Big Picture Foundation

On Sunday February 10th, 7 young “Back to Bach” musicians mesmerized over 40 Big Picture Foundation kids and over 20 adults at an inspirational event that began with the Star Wars theme song and ended with the theme song from Mission Impossible.  The musicians, including Ethan Resnik, Dylan Hamme, Katelyn Moon, Charissa Soh, Sean Yu, Enako Matsumoto, Victoria Soh, all members of the Julliard pre-college program, made the event an informative learning session by slipping music lessons in-between their ensemble pieces and solo performances.
Rye High School 9th grader, regional manager for Back to Bach, Julliard pre-college student, and cello prodigy, Sean Yu, led the “Back to Bach” music appreciation workshop for his hometown community. Sean generously shared his love of music with local kids, in order to foster passion and respect for classical music. “The Back to Bach Project consists of young outstanding classical musicians and artists. Many of us have won prizes on the national, as well as international levels. We volunteer our time to visit elementary schools, libraries and community centers, to share a love of making music and the arts that cannot be contained!” Noah Lee – Founder and President – The “Back to BACH” Project. – quote taken from the Back to Bach website:
Event Photographer: Vilson Lleshaj
Back to Bach musicians Ethan Resnik, Dylan Hamme, Katelyn Moon, Charissa Soh, Big Picture Foundation founder, Kim Tamalonis, Sean Yu, Enako Matsumoto, Victoria Soh
. video clips submitted by audience members