Invent a BPF Language

Invent a new BPF language – Theme by Michael L., 15, and Caden L, 15 Note from Michael:  Hey Guys at the Big Picture Foundation I came up with the idea to start a language. And now I am asking you guys to finish it. Here are some suggestions to get started.   CHALLENGES: Record yourself saying these words, so that the rest of us know how it’s done Make up new words to add to the language Create illustrations to go with words Use Google Translate and send us 1, 2, or many of the words translated into an array of global languages
    World Kids’ Language
Word in English New word
Mom Os
Dad Ek
Sister Ois
Brother Kels
Pet Reglle
Bed Turus
Pencil Ukoim
Blanket Lepwraj
Sky Kuiqi
Bird pollees
Plane huilg
City fes
Hand geners
Face ner
Leg oun
Arm jekel
Wrist kuis
Ankle fewaq
Elbow ion
knee kiasveum
hand wesderam
foot kiop
wallet jeshaden
money jesaw
dollar qosce
dinar werosy
Chicken uicen
Cow poeks
Cat cerast
Dog logers
Animal manisd
Fish kizas
Phone uenoas
Wall kaill
Fence vesza
Computer bewqen
Light jerasi
Lamp jerepsei
google hlooelg
Math jueb
Science fuied
Me qesu
You gaesd
Him periso
His pefgeres
Her weurso
Friend uers
Man poun
Woman weuin
Uncle perster
Aunt wesfer
World gerj
Question fiop
Sentence fiod
School feusa
Writing huleer
Table beltue
football football
soccer soccer
    Suggestions   Favorite sports team Types of Food Favorite game Things you use Places you go Cities, Countries… Sports you play Activities you do Electronics Family Buildings Numbers Art terms Math characters    

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