2018-2019 Themes Overview

  2018-2019 Shared Themes *all themes can be address in whatever media or way that you decide
  1. Make a song or dance about a BPF theme
  2. Submit a dance you make alone, with friends, or with a class, that’s influenced by a world culture
  3. Make art based on your favorite sport or somehow combine arts and sports
  4. Use the arts for outreach projects.  Submit photos and a description
  5. Make body sculptures
  6. Help invent a new BPF kids’ language
  7. Design an original book
  8. Design a sports stadium
  9. Design a haunted house
  10. Make art on or about skateboards
  11. Make art on an unusual surface
  12. Make art about the BPF community and values
  13. Make “Flower Power” themed art
  14. Make fidget spinner cookies
  15. Make Rice Krispie “Bliss” treats
  16. Make your own kind of art
  17. Make art based on a favorite book
  18. Make art in a jar
  19. Make collage art with newspaper clippings
  20. Make funny videos
  21. Send us your doodles
  22. Make art about friendship
  23. Make art about you
  24. Make friendship bracelets to send to a child in another country
  25. Make a video in which you teach BPF kids about something or how to do something
  26. Invent a viral dance move
  27. Submit inspirational performances (instrumental, dance, theater, etc)
  28. Create origami flower baskets
  29. Take serious photos wearing fake mustaches
  Submit your work to submissions@bigpicturefoundation.org   We will request new permission slips for the 2018-2019 school year, but we’ll try to make the process all online, this time.   See the videos in full form Learn about Friend Link International

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