“We are the World” Participants

Big Picture Foundation’s “We are the World” Participants… CHINA Advantage Thinking International School, Beijing, China “We believe that process is more important than product so we provide a variety of hands-on experiences, in an encouraging secure, rich, and safe environment. Children are provided with opportunities to think, make decisions for themselves and to gain self-control. Children are encouraged to explore, learn, and develop at their own pace. Children are eager learners by nature, so the teacher’s role is to prepare the environment, direct, guide, motivate, and be there to help when needed. We believe the active learning experience here will nurture their love of learning, and prepare them for meeting the unknown challenges in the future, with confidence and optimism.” http://advantagethinking.org/ HAITI Paradis des Indiens School, Apricots, Haiti “Indian Paradise is an educational vocation foundation. The school group consists of primary school in the village of Apricots and 11 small schools built in the hills around the Apricots.”   –    http://www.paradisdesindiens.org/ INDIA The Vidya Bhawan School, Fatehpura, India “The Vidya Bhawan Public School is the youngest addition under the aegis of Vidya Bhawan. The School is affiliated to the CBSE. This school gives an opportunity to children from all strata of society to learn through English as medium of instruction. It is a Public School with a difference. Whilst it has all the ingredients of a public school in academic and para academic areas of functioning and also has maintained its character as a school for nearly all the socio-economic and socio-cultural formations IRAQ Independent Children’s Group at the Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq NEPAL Bal Kendra Learning Center, Kathmandu, Nepal “At the Bal Kendra Learning Center, 75 children who might otherwise spend the day on the street actively engage in Montessori-oriented preschool classrooms, taught in both Nepali and English. Most of the children’s mothers are single and illiterate, working as day laborers earning about $16/month—barely enough to pay for food and rent, much less pencils for their children. The children receive one nutritious meal a day while at Bal Kendra and have a chance to thrive in the unique, three-year program before transferring to either a government or private school.” http://www.handsinoutreach.org/bal-kendra-learning-center.html Greenheart Group “Sharing innovations and solutions to climate challenges with art, music, and media.”  – http://createcommunicatecelebrate.solutions/Greenheart/greenheartfrontpage.html NEPAL Vajra Academy, Chapagaun, Nepal “Vajra Academy, “A Home Away From Home” for your child, is a day cum residential school owned and administered by Vajra Foundation Nepal in collaboration with Vajra Foundation Holland. The school is ideally located on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley at a distance of 7.5 km from Ringroad (Chapagaun dobato). The clean fresh air with the lush evergreen flora is conducive and salubrious for the mental and physical growth of young children. The school has a quiet neighbourhood which is very necessary for the smooth running of the institution.”  –  http://www.vajraacademy.org/ Greenheart Group “Sharing innovations and solutions to climate challenges with art, music, and media.”   –   http://createcommunicatecelebrate.solutions/Greenheart/greenheartfrontpage.html PERU Independent Children’s Group, Lima, Peru RUSSIA Independent Children’s Group, Moscow, Russia SAMOA Marist Brothers Primary School, Mulivai, Samoa “The Marist Brothers first arrived in Samoa in 1871 but left six years later due to civil unrest. They returned in 1888 and established a primary school at Mulivai, Apia. This school celebrates 125 years in 2013. The other school in Apia is St Joseph’s College which was established as a high school in 1950 at the Mulivai property. It transferred to Lotopa in 1960 when it became a college and moved to its present site at Alafua in 1989.”  https://maristbrothers.org.nz/about-us/samoa/ SOUTH AFRICA St. Clements Home-Based Care Project, Clermont, South Africa “​St. Clement’s Home-Based Care Project​ (NPO 012-870) is a passionate and dedicated non-governmental organisation that provides supportive services to families infected and affected with HIV and AIDS in Clermont and KwaDabeka townships in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa). Our home-based care, food, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and skills development programmes are designed to assist vulnerable community members, by providing education, skills and support.” USA Mamma Mels Learning Center, Rincon, Puerto Rico Mamma Mels Learning Center is a Bilingual Early Childhood Education Program located in the beautiful, small, surf town of Rincon, Puerto Rico. We start full language immersion of both Spanish and English at age 1 and continue until the child is kindergarten age. In addition to language acquisition, we focus on social and emotional development. We are a play-based, emergent curriculum where children are able to explore in a beautiful, safe, and creative environment designed especially for them. With independent art studios, an organic garden, dynamic play spaces, and a natural “feel” to the inside environmental learning space, our children thrive year after year with smiles. ¡Todos son bienvenidos! USA Music Spark, Grand Junction, Colorado “Our mission is to effect social change by providing quality musical education to underserved children.  MusicSpark is a Sistema inspired program. We cultivate model citizens through the power of music.” https://www.facebook.com/MusicSpark-570992979733412/ Sistema Global Sistema Global connects, inspires and strengthens El Sistema social programs around the world that pursue the goals of social engagement and youth empowerment through ensemble music education. We aim to foster the development of the whole child to impact global public health and use the power of music as a catalyst for peace processes. Sistema Global provides resources and mentoring, facilitates communication and collaboration, and seeks to unite the worldwide El Sistema communities. USA Rye Middle School, Rye, New York “Rye Middle School (RMS) offers a rich learning environment that supports the academic performance, personal development and social growth of 819 students in grades 6 – 8 in Rye, NY.  The school’s organization, curriculum, pedagogy and programs are based on the developmental readiness, needs and interests of our students.” https://www.ryeschools.org/ryemiddleschool USA Rye, New York Independent performance by 8th grade Rye Middle School student, Sean Y. USA Rye, New York Independent performance by 6th grade Rye Middle School student, Felicia A.

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