Spring 2018 Best in Show

For creating leadership opportunities for girls and for empowering self-expression and creativity in girls at the Za’atari Refugee Camp, the TIGER program leaders win the “Spring 2018 Best in Show” commendation. The TIGER girls also win this award for bringing their ideas to life in a range of projects that explore many art forms.  These Inspiring Girls truly make a difference in our world! The TIGER program is run by the International Relief and Development Organization and from the United Nation’s High Commission on Refugees
A film by the girls of TIGER Community Projects, combines plays and music videos addressing issues of concern to the young female TIGER community leaders. The video also includes clips about a range of arts opportunities available to participants.  Because of programs like TIGER and as a result of efforts to create innovative educational programming by humanitarian agencies, like the UNHCR and IRD, the 80,000 person Za’atari Refugee Camp is evolving into a successful semi-permanent Syrian settlement in Jordan. The TIGER program launched in 2015, as a joint UNHCR and IRD initiative.  TIGER (These Inspiring Girls Enjoy Reading) runs programs from 5 centers in the Za’atari Camp, with six teams, targeting children from 2-17 years old.  13 mentors guide girls’ education, by the philosophy that “the program is about coaching and not teaching.” TIGER concentrates on developing girls’ communication skills, on furthering their education, and on encouraging their involvement in community outreach and engagement projects. see past submissions from Jordan

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