Themes for 2018-2019

Join “Friend Link International,” a new program invented by Tejas Mehta, from BPF India.  Fill out the Friend Link International survey.  Based on the results, Tejas will pair kids will similar interests.  Partners will communicate online and develop a project together, to show in one of next year’s global galleries.

Invent a New Language – Theme by Michael, with assistance from Caden

Make a song for BPF about building a global community.

Make an Oragami Flower Basket – Theme invented by Ellen
Create a song based on a BPF Theme – Theme invented by Johnny
Create collage art, using magazine pages – Theme invented by Sierra
Use art to spread the idea of peace and happiness through Flower Power – Theme invented by Riley and Karlee
Create an original book – Theme invented by John O
Create Art Based on Books – Theme invented by Charlie
Make a bracelet – Theme invented by Emilia
  Other – Make what you want – Theme invented by Emilia and Maya
  Make art on your skateboard – Theme invented by Philip and Axel
  image2(3) Make any kind of art based on your favorite sports – Theme invented by Michelle   Design your own sports stadium – Theme invented by Charlie
  Make art in a bottle – Theme invented by Brendan
  Make a video with body art – Theme by Alex and Caroline (see both videos below)
Create Rice Krispie Treat Candy
Make Fidget Spinner Cookies

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