“We are the World” Terms

SONY/ATV SonyATV – License – 300566 – We Are The World(2) Brenda Richie Publishing Big Picture Foundation – We Are the World 040618.pdf – 2018-05-10-21_10.pdf – DOCUSIGNED-2 Kobalt Music “We Are The World” – 25% Written by Lionel Richie [ASCAP]Pub. by Brockman Music [ASCAP]Admin by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing Project Title: Big Picture Foundation: Kids’ CollaborationDescription: Big Picture Foundation has a three-part mission statement. 1) Children use the arts as part of outreach projects in their local, national or global communities. 2) Children build a global community of friends, by pitching themes to each other, by making art based on shared themes, and finally, by posting the results of their projects online. 3) Children learn about world cultures, by getting to know each other, thereby breaking down prejudice and promoting tolerance. Terms Use Type / Length: Background Vocal / Background Instrumental / Up to full length with lifts, edits, versionsScene Description: Multiple groups of children from all over the world will perform the song, and each of the performances will be reposted by Big Picture Foundation.  There will be one cut of the video that Big Picture Foundation creates cutting between each of the groups for the duration of the song.Term: One Year                                    Territory: WorldwideMedia: Internet Streaming (no paid media, not for fundraising) limited to licensee website/socials/YouTube page                                  Fee (based on 100%): $1,000 per composition         MFN With Master (if used) & Co-Pubs Approval is subject to the Terms of Kobalt’s synchronization license form. Please confirm use in writing with start date in order to proceed. Quotes are valid for 90 days. All fees must be paid within thirty (30) days of initial airing or receipt of invoice, whichever is earlier. This quote is limited solely to the writers/shares specified above; YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for and our approval is contingent upon YOU obtaining consent and paying any other person who may have an interest in such composition including but not limited to co-publishers, master owners, side artists, owners of samples or union (WHICH MAY BE SUBJECT TO A SEPARATE NEGOTIATION).  This approval is provided without prejudice and subject to complete execution of Kobalt’s long form agreement.  The composition may not be used in any manner that might be construed as being negative or derogatory towards the artist/writers. PLEASE NOTE: In the event that the composition is not used for any reason once a license has been requested, there will be a cancellation fee in the amount of 25% of the otherwise payable license fee, unless we receive written notice within ten (10) days of the license request stating cancellation.  Such cancellation fee shall be payable by you no later than 30 days after you notify us of such cancellation. Have a great day! Matt HolzmacherCoordinator, Synch Clearance

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