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Independent Children’s Group, Mamurras, Albania
Teacher: Dr. Shpend Bengu

In Mamurras, Albania, Big Picture Foundation children used recycled car parts to make art that they donated to a hospital for pediatric cancer.  Equipment, art materials and transportation for the project was provided by Credins Bank.

Albanian University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania
Professor: Dr. Shpend Bengu See printmaking videos created by students at the Albanian University of Tirana
High school students at the Tirana Art Fest Multimedia Festival
Professor: Dr. Shpend Bengu See videos from the master class Tirana-Fest MULTIMEDIA (2)

see past submissions from Albania

Maria Martins, Colégio Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo IMG_8984

see past submissions from Brazil


Advantage Thinking International School, Beijing             Director: Chuantong Ma

see past submissions from China

World Heart Beat Music Academy, London, England
Founder and Director: Sahana Gero
“Music is one of the only ways that young people can begin to attempt to communicate with others – music is a universal language, something that brings a diverse range of people together, regardless of race or nationality. I make music only because it’s what I have a passion for, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do – it’s like my safe space; or a comfort zone. A way to make magic.” Emilly age 13
“Music is something that we can’t live without because it comes from deep within us. I am motivated to pursue music because the spiritual nature of it is so powerful and i know that i was made to use music for a purpose in this world. Leah age 17

Friend Link International
Teacher: Tejas Mehta

see past submissions from India

Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq

see past submissions from Iraq

Instituto Comprensivo “Fratelli Cervi,” Nonantola, Italy Teacher: Maria Rosa Zanelatto 20180427_16403620180427_164120


TIGER Community Projects, a UNHCR and IRD Program, Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
A film by the girls of TIGER Community Projects, a UNHCR and IRD sponsored arts and education program at the Za’atari Refugee Camp, 6.2 miles east of Mafraq, Jordan, will also launch with the Spring 2018 Global Gallery.  The film combines plays and music videos addressing issues of concern to the young female TIGER community leaders. The video also includes clips about a range of arts opportunities available to participants.  Because of programs like TIGER and as a result of efforts to create innovative educational programming by humanitarian agencies, like the UNHCR and IRD, the 80,000 person Za’atari Refugee Camp is evolving into a successful semi-permanent Syrian settlement in Jordan. The TIGER program launched in 2015, as a joint UNHCR and IRD initiative.  TIGER (These Inspiring Girls Enjoy Reading) runs programs from 5 centers in the Za’atari Camp, with six teams, targeting children from 2-17 years old.  13 mentors guide girls’ education, by the philosophy that “the program is about coaching and not teaching.” TIGER concentrates on developing girls’ communication skills, on furthering their education, and on encouraging their involvement in community outreach and engagement projects.

see past submissions from Jordan

Bal Kendra School, Kathmandu
Director: Kiran Dutta Tewari

Vajra Academy, Kathmandu


See Nepal's BPF Homepage

Joel Garcia, 14, See Spain’s BPF Homepage
United States of America

Arch for Kids After School Studio at Mt Vernon HS

High school students did 10 sessions with ArchForKids – engaging in engineering challenges and culminating with the Teen Island project. STRONG program of the Mt Vernon Youth Bureau. Feb – May 2018

Arch for Kids NYC Immigration Project

Hillside School, Hastings on Hudson, NY Hastings on Hudson NY: A residency with 4th grade classes explored waves of immigration to New York’s Lower East Side from the 1870s – 1920s. May 2018

Arch for Kids Greenhouses with Eastchester Scout Troop

Girl scouts designed and constructed tabletop greenhouses. They were given seeds and soil to grow flowers and vegetables. April 2018


See ARCH for Kids BPF homepage

Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT            

Teacher:  Sherry Tamalonis

See Greenwich Academy’s BPF Homepage
. .
Big Picture Foundation Home Base Group
Thomas V, 14, Rye Middle School
Brendan Q. IMG_2470(1) Charlie L., 14, Rye, NY, Rye Middle School 03DA8C75-DDD0-4635-84FC-D467A7EDC176 1.PNG Rye Middle School, Rye, New York
Sierra D., 13, Rye, NY, Rye Middle School Axel P., 11, Rye, NY image2(3)
image13.jpeg John O., Rye High School, Rye, NY
Amber H, 16, Rye High School Hufford COLOR 3(1) Michelle L. 16, Rye High School Lily S., Rye Middle School, Rye, NY IMG_0109
 Olivia W., 16, Rye, NY, Rye High School

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