Corporate Structure

Big Picture Foundation Corporate Structure

We have a three-part mission: 1) Kids use the arts to affect positive change in their local, national or global communities, through outreach projects.  2) Kids build a global community of friends, by pitching themes to each other, by using the arts to interpret the themes, and finally, by posting the results of their projects online.  3) Kids learn about world cultures, by getting to know each other, thereby breaking down prejudice and promoting tolerance.

We host 3 annual Global Galleries, to show BPF children’s arts accomplishments.


EIN:  81-4795736

Incorporated January 9th, 2017

501(c)(3) appointed by IRS on June 26th, 2016


Big Picture Foundation

369 Round Hill Road

Greenwich, CT 06831


Tel:  (914) 980-7670




Kim Tamalonis – Founder and Executive Director

Sakhile Matlhare – Global Communications Director – located in Botswana

PhD from Northwestern University in the sociology of the work of African diasporic artists


Board of Trustees

Brit Foster Rothstein – President

Chase Kreuter – Secretary

Daniel Kennefick – Treasurer

Evan Weiss (CEO of Neomantra Capital)

Adam Levi – Rye Arts Center Senior Director




Most Frequently Contributing Global Teachers

Rami Khalef – Iraq – Harsham Camp

Tejas Mehta – India – Teach for India/Anjali Khalsa English School

Pragya Tank – India – Teach for India/Anjali Khalsa English School

Chuantong Ma –  China

Shpend Bengu – Albania

Sherry Tamalonis – USA – Greenwich Academy

UNHRC and IRD team – Jordan –  Za’atari Camp

Sahana Gero – England – World Heart Beat Music Academy


Essential Programming Supporters

Nancy Pasquale – She understands our program and sits on the Rye Board of Ed

Shaheen Mistry – CEO Teach for India

UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) at the Za’atari Refugee Camp

IRD – International Relief and Development Organization

Robert Martin – BPF Insurance broker and father of BPF student

Robyn Kaminer – General programming support

Daniel Dardashi – Matches nonprofits with corporate sponsors (we will meet for the first time, this month)

Nicole Levitsky – RyeTV Director – works with BPF kids on a tv show

Greenwich Apple Store – Senior Manager, Michael Farewell, coordinates free BPF programs at the store.

Hagar Hajjar – Former head of Syria and Lebanon for the National Security Council, Former Speaker of the Treasury, and President of Greenwich Media Strategies

Greenwich Media Strategies provides strategic communications in the fields of counter-illicit finance, national security, and business messaging.

Ann Nicol – Executive Director of United Nations Association of New York City

Sandra Jackson-Dumont – Education Director at the Metropolitan Museum (inaccessible, but helps from afar)

Amy O’Reilly Rizzi – Deputy Chief Development Officer for The Fund for the Met at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Shabaan Family

Aldis Family – for physically helping on past initiatives

Rye Library

Rye Town Hall

Rye Arts Center

Rye Rec ( we have met, but not yet launched the partnership)


No longer in active partnership: Church World Service Refugee Resettlement Organization


Kids Leadership Group


Aidan A. – General Manager

Delucia L – Friend Link (linking refugee children with fluent English speaking kids for art and conversation)

Chloe C – Friend Link (linking kids who are new to the area with old timers, for art and conversation)

Alexandra K. – Friend Link (linking kids who aren’t integrated into teams with kids on teams for art and conversation)

Scarlett K (MS) – Friend Link (linking kids with special needs with BPF playgroups)

Alexandra L – Secretary and News (Noggins in the Newsroom Program)

Keira B – Shared Themes (kid created art themes that are shared by all BPF global groups)

Charlie L –  Change Bakers (kids who throw dinner party fundraisers for a list of causes)

Trey G – Manages kids who knit and loom hats (Knit Wits Program)

William W – Playgroups (groups of kids who meet regularly to work on BPF art projects)

Barrett R – Grant Writing

Joey M – Photography, Promo Videos, and BPF Benefits

Lucca C – Advertising

Sophie M – BPF TV Anchor

Sasha S – Social Media

Catherine W – Works on projects to empower local and global girls.  She also works on projects to encourage progressive thinking about gender equality, among all

Carina RM – Keeps a list of kids who speak more than one language, fluently, and who would be willing to partner with a new child to the district.  These kids may also be asked (but not required) to translate at special events, if necessary.



Most active contributors, over the course of the last year…


Albania (30+ kids)

Brazil (1 student)

China (30+ kids)

England (performances, in which 100+ kids have been represented)

Egypt (2 kids – NCAIS might join us)

India (60+ kids)

Iraq (6 kids)

Italy (a school contributed a heart mural… # of kids unknown….  We have a new trustee, as of last weekend, who has already contacted two schools, there)

Jordan (20+ kids)

Peru (a student in the US is trying to involve her former Peruvian elementary school)

Spain (2 kids)

United States (around 800 kids participated over the last year)





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