SPECIAL PROJECT INVITATION   Dear Potential “We are the World” Collaborator, You are invited to create a video of your kids singing, “We are the World,” by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.  We have permission from their music companies for 15 groups of kids to make videos and post videos on our website.  Finished videos must be submitted by April 30th.  All 15 videos will be posted on the Big Picture Foundation web and social media sites.  Ultimately, we will post a 16th and final mashup video that merges parts from each group. We have groups participating from Nepal (2 groups), Peru, China, India, Iraq, Italy, South Africa, Russia, and the United States (3 groups, including groups in Colorado, New York, and Puerto Rico).  It’s a fun project for participants, and when it comes together, the project will send a powerful message to all citizens of the world. We’re flexible about how the videos are made. Our small group of Big Picture Foundation kids in Iraq will only sing part of the song.  In China, the kids’ video will be made by filming a teacher singing the song with kids in a music class. In some places, groups of kids will sing the refrain, and then individual kids will sing solo parts. This YouTube link might help kids learn the song: This document explains the terms of the project: This is an example of kids singing the song: This is a link to the lyrics:   Please help us with our endeavor to send the world a powerful message of peace and unity to kids, far and wide.   Thank you so much for considering this request!   Gratefully,   Kim   Kim Tamalonis Executive Director Big Picture Foundation 369 Round Hill Road Greenwich, CT 06831 url:

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