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The American School of Barcelona

evenskinnierTeacher:  Ana Martinez

“RefugArt is a student-led project that was born four years ago with the idea of bringing awareness and supporting the refugee crisis. Every year Refugart seeks out new ideas in order to do a school event during spring, where we sell students artwork to raise money to support educational programs for kids in refugee camps in Greece and Botswana.

This year we were inspired by Angelica Dass, a known Brazilian photographer, and artist (see Dass’ TED Talk).  She tries to unify and include the skin colors of everyone, finding the art behind their differences, as a way to find the equality and portray the beauty behind our humanity, which is a message that we are also trying to portray through “Equally Different” our theme for 2020.”


Nico MifsudMasha NikiforovaIbby Newland




Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Seville

Ibby, 14


Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Seville

Mimi, 12


Joan, 15


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