Peter’s Snowboard

♣ SPECIAL EVENT ♣ From our Fall 2017-Winter 2018 Global Gallery, Peter T., a top-ranked US snowboarder, in his age group, challenged kids around the world to turn their names into art.  Now that the names have been submitted, they will be printed on waterproof  stickers, and placed on Peter’s board.  He’ll take photos with the board, that we’ll post here.   The name art was a special initiative.  The kids names will be turned into stickers.  The stickers will cover Peter’s snowboard.  He’ll take photos and maybe videos.  We’ll post all the media in the Spring 2018 Global Gallery, with a list of represented countries.

Jon, 14, Rye, NY
Jon explains how to draw a name in 2-point perspective.

Maria Martins, 17, Colégio Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo
Vidya Bhawan School – Teacher:  Ms. Pragya Tank Mahendra-4237661048-1519340279676
Rami, Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq
IRD and UNHCR Education Program, Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan  
Dahlia, 7, Anglo-American School, Moscow, Russia
  Ibby, 14, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Seville Isabelle Mimi, 12, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Seville
Joan, 15, The International School of Madrid, Madrid
United States of America
BPF Home Base Group, Rye, NY

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