Home base kids’ independent arts submissions… . Sean Yu, 16, Rye, NY, #inspirationalperformances
.. Ellen C., 12, Rye, NY, #inspirationalperformances, #artonunusualsurfaces, #flowerpower, #artyourway Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 3.18.53 PM . . .Gloria M., 14, and Katie, 14, #kidsteachkids
Noah C., 5, and his formerly thought to be “imaginary” teddy bear, #viraldancemoves
Christian E., 14, Lila, 14, Emery, 13, Sierra, 13, Penelope, 14, #mustacheart
Juliet R., 11, #doodleart
. Toma S., 13, Rye, NY, #publicserviceannouncementart image1 (12) . Jon, 14, Rye, NY, #sportsart20180930_134512 . Marra S., 12, #artyourway . Charlie I., 11, #boardart Va. Johnny K., 13, #sportsart IMG_7434 . Nicholas E., 13, #boardart IMG_7429.jpeg .. Amber H., 17, #flowerpowerart . Justin, 12, #origamiart, #sportsart . Cameron, 14, #artyourway . Connelly, 12, #flowerpowerart Connelly's flowers . Charlie L. 14, #artyourway IMG_7309IMG_0173 . Lila B., 13, #publicserviceannouncementart IMG_1115 . Camila L., 13, #artyourway image1 . Monica M., 14, #artyourway . Sophia M., 14, #bottleart IMG_0854.jpg . Delucia L, 17, #doodleart . Sierra D. 13, #fishart, #rainbowart . Emilia V., 13, #publicserviceannouncementart FCD0A6C9-DEE1-4845-908C-348752B223FC.jpg . Alexandra K., 17, #flowerpower, #publicserviceannouncementart, #artyourway . Keira Baden, 15, #artyourway . Brendan Quinn, 14, #flowerpower, #artyourway, #sportsart . Ayden Hufford, 13, #doodleart . Vlada, 14, #doodleart, #artaboutyou IMG_6874 . Philip A., 13, #boardart IMG_7393 . Valentina, 13, #collageart IMG_7473 . Community Building Initiatives . Delucia L., 17, looms hats for Kids in Crisis IMG_7500 . Kyle B’s, 13, #friendshipbraceletart to trade with kids in our global partner groups IMG_7514 . Gretchen A’s, 13, #friendshipbraceletart to share with kids in our partner groups IMG_7513 . Logan, 12, #friendshipbraceletart to trade with kids in our global groups IMG_7517 .



See Big Picture Foundation Home Base Group’s BPF Archives

Big Picture Foundation Home Base Group
Kids from Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT
Sean Yu, Juliard, New York, NY – Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme
Esther Yu, Juliard, New York, NY – Beethoven Cello Sonata No.4 in C major
Leonardo, 6, Rye, NY

Jackson, 7, Greenwich, CT, USA
Emilia, 14, Rye, NY
Jonathan, 15, Rye, NY
Toma, Luca, and Jack's Song
Ayden, Sara, and Mark's Song
Leen's Song
 Keira, 14
Keira's art
Gretchen, 14, & Sammy, 14, Rye, NY
Chloe, 14, Rye, NY
 Axel, 13, Rye, NY
Axel Peter's art
Jon, 15, Rye, NY
Jon's car2

Aiden, Rye, NY5
Adam V2 .
Annie, 16, made during her semester at the Oxbow School, Napa, CA
Annie, 16, Rye, NY
Joey, 15, Rye, NY
Sara, Greenwich, CT

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Leen, Greenwich, CT, USA
. IMG_3596 .
left to right: Olivia, Rye, NY  ---  Annie, Rye, NY
Charlie, 13, Rye, NY
IMG_5929 Lily, 13, Rye, NY IMG_3608 Julian, 12, Rye, NY IMG_3607 Giovanni, 16, Rye, NY Will (left), 13, Rye, NY   –  Charlie (right) 13, Rye, NY
Tyler, 11, Rye, NY
Caroline, 14, Rye, NY
Emily, Kaitlin, Sophia IMG_3314.jpg Sunmin’s “get well soon” cards for children in the hospital in Venezuela FA9EBF40-C5C5-44BE-8717-A1F95E99DDF1 Sally’s “get well soon” cards for children in the hospital in Venezuela 0C1E6D50-D48E-488C-8063-45CCF112E9DD Catia’s “get well soon” cards for children in the hospital in Venezuela A099D11E-E53C-47CE-B31E-9143ED900C73 IMG_0864IMG_0861IMG_1784IMG_0837(1)IMG_0833(1)IMG_0828(1) See Big Picture Foundation Home Base Group’s BPF Homepage

The End

Fall 2017 Global Gallery
Joe, 15, Rye, NY

Julian, 13 – “BUILD A FORT”

Dylan, 13, and Abigail, 13 – “CREATE A VIRAL DANCE MOVE”

Arun, 13, and Charles, 13, “DESIGN A CITY!”

Zoe, 13, Tara, 13, and Ben, 13, INVENT CANDY!

Jaime, 15, DESIGN A KITE!


Rye, NY Big Picture Foundation Home Base Unknown-3USMAP Mark, Rye, NY
Kevin, Gretchen, Sophie, and Christian, Rye, NY
Will and Tres, Rye, NY
Will and Tres, Rye, NY
Latham, Rye, NY and Taj Mahal
Chris, Rye, NY
Sally, Penelope, Alexa, Sophia, Abby, Alex, Bryce, Keira, Rye, NY
Sasha and Peter, Rye, NY
Group, Rye, NY
Will and Tres, Rye, NY
Mia and Charlotte, Rye, NY
. Sara, Eastern Middle School, Greenwich, CT Leen, Julian Curtiss Elementary School, Greenwich, CT, USA This is a small selection of art from the Rye home base Big Picture Foundation kids.  The rest of their work can be found throughout the website. ,

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