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Anmar makes Spaghetti 🙂


Video links of Anmar in the process of making spaghetti

Video 2   Video 3   Video 4   Video 5   Video 6


When the weather is hot, families from the Harsham Refugee Camp go to a nearby picnic area, where kids can swim.  Recently, when Anmar, Abdulrahman, Mostafa, and Bashar were there, they took photos, in order to share their lives with global Big Picture Foundation kids….



Despite challenging environmental circumstances and a lack of art supplies, Anmar and our BPF Iraq members find ways to meet BPF challenges. This time, Anmar uses photos to share his life with global BPF kids.  Among the photos, he included the BPF logo, which makes the BPF director so happy!

Photo Autobiography: Anmar M., 14


Video footage of the Harsham Refugee Camp, taken by Rami M., our BPF director in Iraq and Anmar’s big brother.


Important News:  In January, a fire burned down a large section of the Harsham Refugee Camp, including a shelter that housed three BPF Iraq kids.  While extensive damage created increased environmental stress, the three BPF kids and their family have since been resettled back in their original pre-refugee camp home.

Video footage by Rami M.


See past submissions from Iraq

.Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq


Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq

Artwork below from the Fall 2017 Global Gallery

WINNERS: of the Fall 2017 Global Gallery “Best in Show” award. 
In order to win this award, groups must submit projects that specifically show the use of art for outreach or that are in-line with our “Shared Themes.”

TEACHER: Mustafa (*name changed)

rainbow rainbow 2 stretch


Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq

AWARD: Leadership Award Given to BPF Iraq Chapter Director, Rami Khalaf

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