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Izzy Cumming-Bruce izzy@walkaboutfoundation.org

Apr 24

to me, Merren
Hi Kim,

I gather you just spoke to Edna from our US office. I’m very sorry we
haven’t yet spoken, the email the contact form sent bounced back twice and I
didn’t know how else to find you! I hope it works this time.

Thank you and the Big Picture Foundation children so much for your donation
to Walkabout which will change another child’s life with the gift of a
wheelchair! Perhaps they’d like to see the story of a girl who was able to
go to school after the gift of a wheelchair-

We will try to accommodate your request and find a child in an upcoming
distribution who likes art. That said, the sad truth is that most children
requiring a wheelchair in the developing world struggle to access school and
so few are likely to know they like doing art as most kids do! Many of them
face a lot of stigma which as an organisation we work hard to tackle.
Something that might interest you is that we’ve just opened a day care
centre in Kenya which takes in 30 children with disabilities daily with the
aim of integrating them into mainstream education after 1-2 years. Here’s a
short video that will tell you more about it-

If you are interested in collaborating, perhaps we could partner to get art
materials to our centre and then the kids could contribute to your global
community. I thought I’d mention it just in case this is the type of thing
Big Picture Foundation is interested in. Would you send me a link to your
website? I’d love to learn more about what you do.

Thank you again so much for your generosity, and very much look forward to
hearing from you!

All best,

Izzy Cumming-Bruce
Programs Manager

Walkabout Foundation
26 Cadogan Square,
London, SW1X 0JP
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—–Original Message—–
From: Walkabout Foundation [mailto:info@walkaboutfoundation.org]
Sent: 17 April 2017 22:58
To: info <info@walkaboutfoundation.org>
Subject: Contact Form

Name: Kim Tamalonis
E-mail: kmt@bigpicturefoundation.com

Comment: Dear Walkabout Foundation,
Big Picture Foundation children and I are making a donation for a
wheelchair, but we have a strange request.  Is it possible to give the
wheelchair to a child who likes making art, who would like to collaborate
with us?  The Big Picture Foundation empowers children to use art to create
a global community?  Our first deadline is on April 28th. If the parent of
one of the kids who receives one of your wheelchairs wants to email us
artwork to post on our global kids’ art website, please give them the
submissions email bigpicturefoundation7@gmail.com.  Please ask the parent to
include the child’s name, age, school (less necessary), town, and country.

Thank you!

Kim Tamalonis

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