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Universiteti Europian I Tiranës   –  Teacher: Dr. Shpend Bengu
"Mourning Prayer," written and illustrated by Kim Tamalonis

Animation: Mona Dika, Donela Lushka, Arsen Pano
Music: "The Rain" - Silent Partner
Editing: The Laboratory of Multimedia and Printmaking - UET
at the European University of Tirana
Producer: Shpend Bengu
Vidya Bhawan School – Teacher:  Ms. Pragya Tank
United States of America
Sean Yu, Juliard, New York, NY – Tchaikovsky Variations on a Rococo Theme
Esther Yu, Juliard, New York, NY – Beethoven Cello Sonata No.4 in C major

Emilia, 14, Rye, NY
Jonathan, 15, Rye, NY
Cole’s Song
Toma, Luca, and Jack’s Song Ayden, Sara, and Mark’s Song
Leen's Song
Joe, Rye, NY
World Heart Beat Music Academy – London, England
Director:  Sahana Gero

Capital Children’s Choir – London, England

The Capital Children’s Choir, the former choir of one of our Rye members, gave us our choice of videos to share.  Above, we have included a recent video, but below, we chose a two year old video, simply because it’s beautiful and we thought it would be enjoyed by our global members.

.Anjali Khalsa English School, Ahmedabad, India – Teacher: Pragya Tank

    Ellen, Rye, New York, USA http://www.wonderfulellen.com/movies/ShanghaiFlowerBasketStep2.mov
Penelope, Emily, Mark, Abby, Ben, Henry, Rye, NY

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