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Project suggestion from Julian, Rye, NY Julian’s Fort Materials:  Cups, Cardboard, Tape, Glue Your fort: 1.  Your fort must have both an entrance and an exit. 2.  Your fort must be able to easily break apart 3.  The materials must be light or soft, so that if the fort collapses, the materials won’t hurt any living creature.  No wood or nails allowed.
  • Big Picture Foundation founder, Ms. Tamalonis, made a fort for her college thesis.  Do NOT do it her way!  Her fort collapsed.

Jackson, 7, Greenwich, CT IMG_3373     Kids at the Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq These kids won our “Best in Show” Award.  
Cameron, New Canaan, CT, USA
Cameron, New Canaan, CT, USA

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