Some art for outreach endeavors over the past few years have included:

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  • 5th graders at the Anjali Khalsa English School in India, dyed and sold cloth.  They used the proceeds to buy 101 blankets for homeless community members.
  • The class also wrote song lyrics, based on the 2016-2017 BPF Hsared Theme, “Best Things in Life.”  In order to encourage collaboration among our global groups, the kids challenged global BPF kids to turn the lyrics into a song.
  • When the 5th graders’ teacher finished his two-year term with Teach-for-India, and entered the corporate workforce, he volunteered to continue coordinating Big Picture Foundation projects for the Anjali Khalsa English School.
  • Overseen by the UNHRC and the IRD, children at the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan made hand-print murals.  In the center of the murals, they wrote a message of support to kids who remained in danger in Syria.
  • A lone teenager at the Harsham Refugee Camp, in Iraq, voluntarily started a Big Picture Foundation chapter for the kids in his community, in order to raise morale.
  • Kids at Saint Mary’s School in Apia, Samoa, and kids at the Marist Brother’s Primary School, in Salvalvo, Samoa, sang “We Are Family,” to promote community building, teamwork, and kindness in their community and in the world.
  • A woman in Egypt just jumped on-board and volunteered to help coordinate the program in Cairo.
  • A single child in Rye, NY coded a video game to help younger kids learn basic math skills.
  • Two Syrian children who resettled in the United States, created a page to comfort other global refugee children
  • Kids in Rye made a welcome video, welcoming kids of all faith, cultures, and nationalities to join us
  • Kids in Rye made recipes that reflected their cultural heritages.  The recipes were meant to give to refugee families at a dinner that was indefinitely postponed.
  • Kids in Rye created an interview video, hoping that contemporary artists who make art to reflect on the world around us, would respond with videos (work in progress)
  • Several Rye kids invented “Shared Themes” projects and created demo videos, to encourage global kids to join together, working on BPF Shared Themes.
  • Kids in Rye held bake sales and dinner party fundraisers to help with the following projects: donating to Americares for hurricane relief; building the Furaha School at the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya (in conjunction with the United Nations Association); buying a Walkabout Foundation Wheelchair for a child in need; supporting DDX3X/autism research; sending funds for art supplies to our BPF chapter at the Harsham Refugee Camp; helping support BPF programs.
  • Kids in Rye loomed hats.  Last year, the hats were given to Kids in Crisis, and to the Lower Fairfield County Foodbank.  This year, hats will be sold by Splurge Gifts in Greenwich.  The proceeds will be donated to Kids in Crisis.
  • These projects happened before BPF incorporated, but they were the inspiration for starting the foundation… Kids in Rye collected 100 pounds of art supplies and hand-made sketchbooks.  They send the supplies to kids at the Za’atari Rfugee Camp.  Kids in Rye sold their artwork and raised $3000.  They sent the proceeds to the Blossom Hill Foundation, which used the funds to build a computer lab in a refugee camp in Turkey.

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