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children at the Advantage Thinking International School, Beijing

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Universiteti Europian I Tiranës
Artwork from Professor Shpend Bengu’s Printmaking Students


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Maria, 17, Sao Paulo, Colégio Santa Cruz


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Ali, 17, Handsworth School, North Vancouver, British Columbia




Advantage Thinking International School, Beijing

Director: Chuantong Ma




Note from BPF Director:  The following music groups are both from England, so they’re together on this web page, but they shouldn’t be compared.  They’re each extraordinary for totally unique reasons.  The World Heart Beat Music Academy is an instrumental program for children who come from a range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  The academy draws together world cultures, through music and offers opportunities to communities that wouldn’t otherwise have inspirational music programs.  The Capital Children’s Choir records hauntingly beautiful and polished music.  The choir administrators audition London’s most talented singers. They have state of the art recording equipment and professional backup musicians.  They record for movie soundtracks, sing with stars, and perform in global venues.

I love listening to the work of both music groups and I appreciate them for totally different reasons.

World Heart Beat Music Academy – London, England

Director:  Sahana Gero

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Capital Children’s Choir – London, England

The Capital Children’s Choir, the former choir of one of our Rye members, said we could pieces to share.  Above, we have included a recent video, but below, we chose a two year old video, simply because it’s beautiful and we thought it would be enjoyed by our global members.

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Anjali Khalsa English School, Ahmedabad, India
(view archives of the Anjali Khalsa English School’s BPF activities)

Teacher: Pragya Tank


  • “Why,” you ask, “is there a Christmas theme to the Anjali Khalsa School kids’ flash mob video?”

Last May, Ms. Pragya Tank’s incredibly talented kids at the Anjali Khalsa English School sent us this exciting flash mob video.  They had recorded the performance last Christmas, and edited the video last winter.  When they were ready, they sent the video, but it was sent after our final deadline.  We waited to include it the Fall 2017 Global Gallery….

Teacher:  Tejas Mehta


Students of Mr. Tejas Mehta, at the Anjali Khalsa English School in India, wrote lyrics for the “Best Things in Life Theme.”  They asked for help from the Big Picture Foundation global kids’ community with turning their lyrics into a song.

  • Sleeping in the corner on the mat of faith,
    Dreaming of the world where I am not afraid,

    Playing on the fields, rushing down the streets,
    The magic of the book, daily I perceive,
  • These are the best things in life…
    I wanna stay here for a while,
    For this is a world to hope and shine,
    for these are the best things in life,
  • Dancing in the rain with my group of mains,
    Making fun of people, passing down the lanes,
    Jumping from the stairs, swinging in the chairs,
    Spending hours calming down a friend,
    Sharing love and likes for the favourite band,
    These are the best things in life,
    I wanna stay here for a while…
  • I am here with you for this moment, just laugh,
    Forget about all wories and glories, just laugh,
    These are the best things in life,
    I wanna stay here for a while…


Anjali Khalsa English School

  • Winner of the School of the Year Award
  • Mr. Tejas Mehta wins the Big Picture Foundation Teacher of the Year Award

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Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq

WINNERS: of the Fall 2017 Global Gallery “Best in Show” award. 
In order to win this award, groups must submit projects that specifically show the use of art for outreach or that are in-line with our “Shared Themes.”

TEACHER: Mustafa (*name changed)

AWARDED: Nate’s Gift
Nate, a student in Rye, NY, donated 10 Samsung tablets.  He asked that they be awarded, over time, to active Big Picture Foundation student groups that would not otherwise have access to technology


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Scuolo Sacra Famiglia, Castelletto – Brenzone sul Garda, Italy


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BPF kids at the Za’atari Refugee Camp, Za’atari Village, Jordan

(see archives of art from kids at the Za’atari Refugee Camp, from 2015-present)

Big Picture Foundation art program for kids at the Za’atari Refugee Camp developed and coordinated by the IRD, International Relief and Development Organization, also known as the Blumont organization, with collaboration from the UNHRC, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.


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United States of America


Sara, Eastern Middle School, Greenwich, CT


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Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT

Teacher:  Sherry Tamalonis

Sara Ganshaw


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Leen, Julian Curtiss Elementary School, Greenwich, CT, USA


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New Canaan High School – New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

Teacher: Ms. Jeanne McDonough


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Rye Middle School – Rye, NY – USA

Teacher: Kim Tamalonis


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Trinity Catholic High School, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Teacher: Katie Sica



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Big Picture Foundation, Rye, New York, USA

Joe, 15, Rye, NY

Julian, 13 – “BUILD A FORT”

Dylan, 13, and Abigail, 13 – “CREATE A VIRAL DANCE MOVE”

Arun, 13, and Charles, 13, “DESIGN A CITY!”

Zoe, 13, Tara, 13, and Ben, 13, INVENT CANDY!

Jaime, 15, DESIGN A KITE!



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