R2 Welcome Back Letter and Links

Welcome Back Big Picture Foundation Families 🙂

The results of all our students’ Round 1 work were beyond my wildest expectations.  The kids’ art, their performances, and their service projects generated a surge of global enthusiasm.  Students from Albania, Brazil, China, Egypt, England, India, Iraq, Jordan, Samoa, and the United States contributed to the website and since January, the site has been viewed 10,000 times by people from:

country views.jpg


On June 26th, Big Picture Foundation received our official IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation: our green light to move forward.  So, here we goooooo! …..  

I have prepared information to launch our new year. Students, parents, and teachers should review the information, since our program relies on community collaboration and kids independent initiative.  However, your eyes may permanently cross if you attempt to read everything at once.

Overview Poster, Side 1 & Overview Poster, Side 2 are attached to this email, rather than linked.  The poster offers a simple, yet informative overview of 2017-2018 opportunities.  

Annual Report : This offers a comprehensive overview of our Round 1 activities.  Reviewing this document would be a good way for new members to understand the program.

Global Welcome Letter: This document outlines our global priorities, programs, and procedures



These documents are for members of our Rye, NY chapter.  However, all global chapter members are welcome to read Rye’s plan for Round 2

Local Welcome Letter: This document breaks down exactly how we will fulfill the global priorities

Local Change Bakers’ Relief Initiatives: This document describes global situations requiring humanitarian aid and provides a list of the relief organizations that will receive our support. I highly encourage our members to join the Change Bakers. The program offers a fun way for kids to help with important outreach initiatives, while also learning about pressing global issues.

Local Activity Group and Course Sign Up List: Registration is currently open for two Apple courses (designed for us). Registration is also open for activity groups. The document lists kids who have already passed in activity preference sheets. It also lists kids who, in some way, contributed to Round 1, who may want to join our Round 2 program.



We welcome all of our new Big Picture Foundation collaborators!

If you are new to our program, please review the opportunities listed on our poster and decide how you would like to tailor the program to suit your students’ needs. Once your students have made art or fulfilled any of the BPF objectives, please send images of kids’ art, send videos of their performances, and send updates about their outreach initiatives. We will include your students’ accomplishments on our website (https://bigpicturefoundation.org).

Our Big Picture Foundation Mission: (1) Children will thoughtfully engage with a global community by using art as part of outreach initiatives; (2) Children will use art as a tool for building a network of international friends; (3) Children will learn about world cultures while working on Big Picture Foundation endeavors.

I look forward to working with you all to make this an exciting new year!

Best Wishes, 


Mobile: (914) 980-7670
Website: https://bigpicturefoundation.org
Submissions Email: submissions@bigpicturefoundation.org 
General Email: info@bigpicturefoundation.org
Kim’s Email: kmt@bigpicturefoundation.org 

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