Round Two Opportunities, Rules and Submissions Dates

You can use any material or you can dance, sing, act, write lyrics, etc. OUTREACH:  We urge every partner group to find one way to use art for outreach, during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Splurge Gifts has suggested that Big Picture kids loom more hats over the summer, to prepare for next Fall and Winter.  They will sell our hats and donate proceeds to the charity of our choice.
  • Our Rye chapter may start helping to create webpages for some of our underprivileged partner groups.
  • we will collaborate with the United Nations Association on “A Night of 1000 Dinners”
SHARED THEMES:  The shared themes are a way for global kids to have fun together.  Kids try each others’ projects, post videos, and invent new projects for the next round. ACADEMIC ART:  Serious art students and professors are part of Big Picture Foundation.  We publish their art in galleries for academic programs and on pages for the independent artists. INTERACTIVE PROJECTS:  We also have Ongoing Interactive Projects that offer other sorts of art opportunities. DATES Round 2 projects will span the whole 2017-2018 school year, but we’ll have seasonal submissions and mini “reveal” dates.
  • SUMMER SUBMISSIONS DATE:  September 30th
  • SUMMER  REVEAL: October 30th
  • WINTER REVEAL: February 30th
  • SPRING REVEAL:  May 30th
  COMMITTEES: – [ ] Night of 1000 Dinners: Help the United Nations Association Build a School in Kenya. JUNE EVENT – [ ] Dinner Party Committee: This group will organize tri-annual dinner party events, to raise funds for children in Venezuela, Save the Children, & Big Picture Foundation – [ ] Open Studios: Help to organize open studio events, for the community to work on Big Picture Global Themes – [ ] Web Site Design: There will be a class offered at the Rye Arts Center in the Fall to guide students who would like to design websites for less privileged global partner groups and for refugee families – [ ] Play Groups: 2 or more kids create a group. At their houses, they rotate hosting a weekly Big Picture Foundation art-making night. – [ ] Press/Media Group: This group will work on press releases and other channels to share Big Picture news. – [ ] Movie Promo Group: There will be a class offered at the Rye Arts Center for this in the fall. This group will attend Big Picture events and then make follow up movies. This group will also help teach other interested kids how to use desktop movie-making software – [ ] Special Event Bake Sale Group: work on bake sales at events, from which proceeds will go to charity – [ ] Front Lawn Lemonade/Bake Stand Group: This group will work on lemonade/bake sales at home, from which proceeds will go to charity – [ ] Hat Loomers: Loom hats to benefit children – [ ] PSA Group: Students donate their art for companies to use as backdrops for public service announcements about children’s charities – [ ] Art for Charitable Products Group: Kids donate their art for companies to use on products, from which proceeds benefit children’s charities – [ ] Friend Link: Partner with children who are new to the country, to have conversations, while making art and looking at art. (Eventually, will include chaperoned high school kids meeting partners museums in NYC) – Waiting for nonprofit status to apply for grants  

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