Translated: Hope Prevails! Update to Zanda’s Story

This was translated with Google Translate…  Eventually, the translation will get better.   Despite the pain of hope … !! How a person to Yahya without hope, how he Yahya that did not see the piece glimmering glistening coming from afar in the darkness of the lives of the conditions, how he Yahya if not dreaming of a better tomorrow and a homeland where justice prevails, the nation in which everyone is equal, whites and blacks, Kassar and sleepless, male and female, different from what have orientations. Hope is life itself, is the soul of the body, and whether live body without the spirit, if how to man without hope that Yahya sends joy and peace of mind and motivated by the steadfastness and perseverance, not to surrender, and keeps him away from laziness, depression and frustration. The war has displaced us as Syrians, and drove out many of us from their role, our fault that our country is governed by a dictator and wreaking havoc, our fault that we want a dignified life and a homeland that combines his sons, is a response to what the Arabs, and Christians as Muslims. We Ahjrna from our homes and we left our country, which we were born and we spend the most beautiful days of age where, what has frustrated my resolve and Ahssna that life stopped and grief inside me on the parting national will not end, we have gone through difficult days We have become without electricity, imagine that we are without ovens preparing bread stomachs empty, even more realists Optlna extremist groups differentiate between components and kill the identity and religious affiliation and sectarian, we were the siege of our homeland who told us they would drop the dictator to replace freedom replaced, Vfujina they copy of it, Harbona and Hasrona in our village, located in the Afrin in northwest Syria, and prevent Wa about us even medication. But Malk did not lose an determination to victory, first victory on Elias, and the victory over the extremist thought, it was our steadfastness in itself a victory for us. I have abandoned my house in the Syrian city of Aleppo, but I got to know the civilizations and new countries that appeal to me, it’s something very interesting to learn more languages ​​in the countries that migrate them until I learned four languages ​​and spoken out and perhaps help me Malk that I work as an interpreter in the future In fact if we thought looked positive, we find that it has become our more friends who learned about them and good people. But it seems that things were not confined to our homes because we moved from the conflict between the dictatorship of Islamists and extremists, have we learned later that our house in the city of Aleppo had been ransacked, and did not stay home furniture no effect. This is sad my mother a lot, they have been exposed to many of the torment that bought all of those household items Ptabha and tired of my father, but we thought in a positive way, we assume that someone in need of these tools for his home, which may have been ruined as a result of the conflict in Aleppo, which is good to take those things instead of crashing as a result of missiles. In the Diaspora when I traveled to Turkey was forced to work at a young age seemed to me to work very hard, realized that I will not cope with the work, and I thought that it was completed it requires that education rather than work, I’ve had to go to school. Not Ergna to work for hours maintainence were up for 12 hours without any rest, but do you know I have my work that I have learned to rely on self, as I learned to prepare some meals too, looked positively and when I learned cooking with the help of workers who are with me at work and became my character stronger, I started overcoming Khgele and mixing with others and this sounds good for me. Did not give up, because we realized that the surrender and stop means death, we tried everything we can to emigrate back to a country that respects the rights of workers and students, Turkey did not provide us with little, no education and no rights for workers. We were very fortunate that we accepted as refugees in the United States, and we think that our education do there, because we recognize that science and knowledge is the only way to build a human so can live in dignity, freedom and equality. After the arrival of the United States, I was happy to come back again to school and science, but I felt lonely in my first day at the American school and I felt I can not communicate with others because I did not I speak English, I felt weak somewhat flooded with tears perhaps to ease, which in my mind wanders difficulties waiting for me, but I have not surrendered, what is only a few months only, until I started acclimatization again with average, behold, I now possessed many friends who began their love and love life in America. I have become convinced that everything that happens to us no matter how sad and frustrated ago our, it is possible to carry us a lot of good with him, which Sankchwh with the passage of time, and perhaps we will reach the conviction that these events would not occur because our lives may have been suspicious. Yes, all Malk has happened to me, I have sojourned, died people who love them, I lost my father once and for incurable disease injury Alienation, I left my school, I worked at an early age, my life started from scratch twice, suffered greatly, and I cried from the pain sometimes, but the piece has ended thanks Hope. Yes it has ended thanks to my resolve and hope that fills my heart and I realize that life is worth that we live, and here I am, in America, which was an unattainable dream did not expect him to come, but it has already been achieved. I am now happy because I have promised to learn, and I’ll do well to get a good job in the future, I will open house to help the needy people, I will become engineer and my son all the buildings that were demolished in the national “Rogge Afa” north of Syria, and all this is thanks to the hope that inside me. We will achieve our dreams as long as we hold hope in our hearts and we will go forward in our journey of life, will not stop the odds, to get into the race of life and we win our will power, Valeos and surrender is not human temperament. From zanda

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