Love and Hope with Little Cat and Little Mouse If you have stories of hope to offer children who remain in danger zones, please contribute. Enlight1 . . COLLABORATE WITH THE 5th GRADE CHILDREN OF OUR ANJALI KHALSA ENGLISH SCHOOL IN INDIA!   The children at the Anjali Khalsa English School in India wrote lyrics for the “Best Things in Life Theme.”  They need your help.  Please develop the music and perform the completed song.   “Best Things in Life” Sleeping in the corner on the mat of faith, Dreaming of the world where I am not afraid, Playing on the fields, rushing down the streets, The magic of the book, daily I perceive, These are the best things in life… I wanna stay here for a while, For this is a world to hope and shine, for these are the best things in life, Dancing in the rain with my group of mains, Making fun of people, passing down the lanes, Jumping from the stairs, swinging in the chairs, Spending hours calming down a friend, Sharing love and likes for the favourite band, These are the best things in life, I wanna stay here for a while… I am here with you for this moment, just laugh, Forget about all wories and glories, just laugh, These are the best things in life, I wanna stay here for a while… . Have your own Week-in-Review Column, just like Alon! Kids Around the World, report your news and we’ll post it! . Questions for Professional Artists FullSizeRender-16 Public Service Announcement Art psa for cws Art for Charitable Products img_5170 Questions by Kids and for Kids Kids Around the World, we invite you to send a video, answering these questions!

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