Unknown-1         Universiteti Europian I Tiranës Artwork from Students of Professor Shpend Bengu VIDEO:  Professor and Artist Shpend Bengu
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            Maria’s Portfolio
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Unknown-7         Advantage Thinking International School, Beijing Headmistress Ma went to high school in Rye.  She and BPF founder Ms. Tamalonis traveled around China for 5 weeks, where they laughed together and ate … everything 😉 IMG_0242. Jesse’s Portfolio   Barry’s Portfolio   Pipi’s Portfolio   Cindy’s Portfolio   Serena’s Portfolio     Jessie’s Portfolio
Jessie_8 years old
    Daniel’s Portfolio
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    Cairo American College, Cairo, Egypt   “Imagination” by Malak H.   unnamed-2
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images             Capital Children’s Choir  Tribute to Florence and the Machine Featuring OWEN!!!!,  Big Picture Foundation Founding Member 🙂
. . images         World Heart Beat Music Academy – London, England Champions . Brazilian Flash Mob

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Unknown-6           Anjali Khalsa English School – no website
  • Winner of the School of the Year Award
  • Mr. Tejas Mehta wins the Big Picture Foundation Teacher of the Year Award
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LYRICS:  “Best Things in Life”

Sleeping in the corner on the mat of faith,
Dreaming of the world where I am not afraid,
Playing on the fields, rushing down the streets,
The magic of the book, daily I perceive,
These are the best things in life…
I wanna stay here for a while,
For this is a world to hope and shine,
for these are the best things in life,
Dancing in the rain with my group of mains,
Making fun of people, passing down the lanes,
Jumping from the stairs, swinging in the chairs,
Spending hours calming down a friend,
Sharing love and likes for the favourite band,
These are the best things in life,
I wanna stay here for a while…
I am here with you for this moment, just laugh,
Forget about all wories and glories, just laugh,
These are the best things in life,
I wanna stay here for a while…

Harsham Refugee Camp, Erbil, Iraq AWARD: Leadership Award Given to BPF Iraq Chapter Director, Rami Khalaf
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Unknown-5   Za’atari Refugee Camp, Za’atari, Jordan 2017 hand .

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. Za’atari Children with Cards and Art Supplies Sent by Kids in Rye – Fall, 2015 syrian kids . IMG_5579
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Marist Brothers Primary School, Samoa
St. Mary’s Primary School, Samoa

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Unknown-3         Texas School for the Deaf, Austin, Texas

. . Unknown-3USMAP         Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT
. .   Jersey City, NJ From Syria, Eritrea, and Ethiopia Most of these children had known each other for 15 minutes, before they were singing.  They had all just arrived in the United States. The trip to the Metropolitan Museum was planned as a day to welcome new friends with art and camaraderie.
    Rye, NY Big Picture Foundation Home Base Unknown-3         Mark, Rye, NY
  Kevin, Gretchen, Sophie, and Christian, Rye, NY
  Will and Tres, Rye, NY
  Will and Tres, Rye, NY
  Latham, Rye, NY and Taj Mahal
  Chris, Rye, NY
  Sally, Penelope, Alexa, Sophia, Abby, Alex, Bryce, Keira, Rye, NY
  Sasha and Peter, Rye, NY
Group, Rye, NY
Will and Tres, Rye, NY
Mia and Charlotte, Rye, NY
  This is a small selection of art from the Rye home base Big Picture Foundation kids.  The rest of their work can be found throughout the website. ,  

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