Big Picture Wish List

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Big Picture Foundation Needs:

Enabling Grants for…
  • Stipends and Salaries
    • #1 Priority – Nonprofit Business Manager
    • Top Tier Priority – Community Art Outreach Program Coordinator
      • Develops a schedule of after-school, evening, and weekend programs
      • Communicates events to the public
        • coordinates and oversees kids’ collaborative efforts with other organizations
          • Splurge Gifts hat project
          • UNA-NYC Night of 1000 Dinners
        • develops and runs BPF in-network initiatives
      • Communicates with schools in represented districts to keep them aware of BPF opportunities
      • Gives equally invested districts equal time and programming
      • Communicates with kids and families
      • Creates leadership opportunities for kids
      • Creates opportunities for kids to join ongoing projects
      • Develops lists of ongoing projects and publicly posts opportunities
      • Creates written material to distribute to schools and groups about BPF art outreach initiatives.
      • Keeps other members of the organization up-to-date and well-informed about art outreach activities.
      • Oversees the Development of the “Friend Link” program
      • Chaperones children on the “Friend Link” program
      • Oversees the “Art for Outreach” program
      • Oversees the “Art for Charity” program
      • Oversees “Bake Sales for a Better World”
      • Oversees students’ website development for underprivileged partner groups
      • Creates fun pr videos that show kids engaged in special events  Posts the videos within 5 days of each event
      • Recruits help from college interns and community volunteers, when needed
    • Program Assistant
      • Social Media Updates
      • Press Release Writing and Distributing
        • distributing after administrator approval
      • Mailing List Maintenance
      • Maintain Permission Slips from Parents
      • Communication with Schools and with Corporate Collaborators
      • Award and certificate Generation
      • Public Calendar Maintenance
      • Administration Calendar Coordination
      • Grant Writer
      • Errand runner
      • Project Assistance to the Art Outreach Coordinator
      • Project Assistant to Executive Director and to the President of the Board
      • Graphic design work
        • “Public Service Announcements”
        • BPF Newsletters
    • Program directors’ stipends in refugee camps
    • Executive Director
    • President of the Board
    • Tech Advisor
    • Legal Advisor (nonprofit & trademark/copyright specialist, ideally)
    • Teachers and visiting artists to run special workshops
  • Outreach Initiatives
    • Top Tier Priority – support for programs in underprivileged communities
    • Community outreach programs
    • Train tickets and lunches for “Friend Link” kids.
  • Programs
    • Top Tier Priority – Insurance for the board and employees
    • Top Tier Priority – Insurance for kids programs
    • A space of our own, where we can run open studio hours, show work, coordinate international real-time meetings on a video screen, show movies, and store supplies.  Would also like to invite collaborating teachers, as visiting artists.
    • Donations of used laptops that are loaded with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word.
    • Office equipment when we have a space (ideally color laser printer) with inks and toner and a photocopier
    • Budget to maintain open studio sessions
    • Budget for employee professional development
      • Subscription services and fees for web hosting, storage, graphic design, videos, etc
    • cable, internet, phone, and utility fees

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