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May 17th = the BIG REVEAL

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VIDEO: Meeting of Iraqi and American Children


VIDEO: Through the Magical Portal


VIDEO: Spring hat looming in Rye, NY 


Yes, this is what it’s all about!  Our Big Picture Foundation kids at the Anjali Khalsa English School, in India (see location), made “bandhani” cloth.  They sold the cloth to raise funds to buy 101 blankets, which they distributed to community members in need of warmth, on New Year’s Day.  Congratulations to inspirational teacher Tejas Mahta and to his compassionate 5th grade Anjali Khalsa English School kids, for their work to create a world filled with kindness.  We’re so happy to know you and we feel honored that you have partnered with us!

 Click here for the You Tube link .  It is a better quality expandable version of the video, but wouldn’t embed on our homepage.

The Anjali Khalsa English School is a school of excellence for underprivileged kids.  It’s part of the Teach for India network.




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