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Round 2 Welcome Back Letter with Links and Instructions
If you and your group are working on a Round 2 “We Are the World” project, click HERE for the song.
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Projects and Programs

#1 Shared Themes
Kids pick themes invented by other kids and make art in their own ways.  The themes give participants a fun way to communicate with other kids around the world.




Academic Art Programs:  
Teachers and professors submit class portfolios, to show kids’ accomplishments in academic art programs.

Gallery of Independent Masters
This page is for kids who want to join our collaboration, but would prefer to work independently, rather than on global themes.

Gallery of Doodlers
Submit your most inspired doodles by April 28th.  We’ll polish them on a page of doodles!

Gallery of Kids Autobiographical Photos, Videos and Writing

Art for Outreach

Art for Public Service Announcements

Friend Link Program

Quick Links to Round 1 Galleries: Best Things, Zombies, Robots,  Magical Forest, Portals, Academia, Doodlers, Independents, Who Are You

Mission Part 1:  The Big Picture Foundation empowers middle and high school age children to use art to create a fun and respectful interactive global community.  Children build their understanding of cultures, while trading art with children in India, China, Egypt the United States, and more.

Mission Part 2.Children use the arts to help other children by request.  Children use the arts to help children and communities when unusual emergency situations arise.  Children use art to draw attention and/or resources to a charity or community group, when their efforts help any group of children to thrive.  

Mission Part 3. Children build their understanding of current events, geography, politics, and contemporary art that addresses global social issues.

Who Can Join:  All middle and high school age children may join, from anywhere in the world (~8-18 years).  Children do not have to be affiliated with a school or program to participate, as long as they have a supervising adult who oversees the work and who will submit the child’s art.

Fee:  Participation is free!  However, kids may be asked to contribute some supplies to special live events, if possible.  

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