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Alon’s Week in Review – USA
Breaking news and leading questions from our 11 yr. old Rye, NY specialist Alon’s views are his own.  They do not represent official stances taken by the Big Picture Foundation.  However, we do support Alon’s enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and dedication to keeping Big Picture Foundation peers informed about national and international news . . July 20-21 Two Killed in Kos in a Greece-Turkey Earthquake Trump’s Ban was setback-again. Plus, Trump criticizes Attorney General Jeff Sessions OJ Simpson can be released of Jail as soon as Oct.1 Will the US ban visiting to North Korea? . . July 13 Cosmo DiNardo confesses to killing 4 missing Pennsylvania men, but will not have to face death penalty There is no evidence that there were Russia collusions Trump on Don Jr.: ‘Most people would’ve attended’ If North Korea and China are an alliance- are they the most dangerous one of all? And even more importantly, will Russia join? . . July 6
  • Trump on defending Western civilizations: ‘We will win!’
  • Steve Scalise is back in intensive care unit
  • Trump and Putin will have to meet at some point- and something will happen
  • With the missile test of North Korea, tensions between the US, their allies, and Kim Jong Un are higher than ever
July 3
  • Extra security to be added in NYC fireworks 4th of July Show
  • Many hurt and 17 missing after a Germany bus crash
  • Chris Christie lounges with family. Why is it important? He shut down that beach.
  • Mcconnell disagrees with Trump’s call to repeal Obamacare- while other Republicans just want to get it done
  • Trump- CNN has taken a step to stop ‘very’ fake news
. . June 25
  • Qatar: List of demands by Arab States ‘not realistic’
  • Sean Hannity: I stand with Nancy; Hannity wants Nancy Pelosi to stay
  • Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch is under investigation
  • If Justice Anthony Kennedy does retire- who will Trump Nominate?
  • If Justice Anthony Kennedy does retire- who will Trump Nominate?
. . June 21
  • Karen Handel wins Georgia after the highest paid race in House history
  • Republicans make it a sweep night with Ralph Norman win in SC
  • Saudi Arabia’s King, Salman, replaces nephew with son a 1st in line succeeder
  • Iran: ISIS strike is a warning to US, Saudi Arabia.
. .


Crisis: June 14
There was a shooting at the GOP baseball practice for a charity game of Democrats vs Republicans. Congressmen were shot, and one in particular, Steve Scalise, is fighting for his life. The gunman, a 66 year old identified as James Hodgkinson, from Belleville,  Illinois, had fired as many as 50 bullets, reports say. Hodgkinson was killed in a shootout, but not until he had shot 5, including Scalise. The congressman is fighting for his life.  Today, he underwent 3 surgeries and he may need more.  Harboring anger towards the Trump administration, Hodgkinson intended to kill as many people as he could.
Neighbors of the gunman said that lately he was behaving very strangely, even firing rifles across fields in the direction of houses. Meanwhile, Trump says that Scalise was in critical condition last he saw him, but said he was a fighter. “He’ll be OK, we hope” Trump said.
. . June 13
  • A Greece earthquake hit Lesbos- reaches Athens, Istanbul
  • Trump’s legal team may show a hidden long line of Comey leaks
  • Tucker Carlson made a strong statement about the Democrats trying to eliminate Jeff Sessions:”If Jeff Sessions can be denounced as a Russian Spy, anyone can”
  • Ivanka Trump surprised by viciousness and ferocity of her father’s critics. President Trump has taken early hits from both the Democrats and Republicans.
. . June 6
  • Theresa May says President Trump is wrong to criticise Sadiq Khan
  • London and Manchester attacks continue
  • Republicans pushing for more states for Article V (5) Convention
  • A Russian Jet intercepted a United States Bomb over the Baltic Sea
  • The US Senate and the President have reached far more disagreements than agreements so far
May 30
  • Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charges. He says alcohol was ‘not involved”
  • 16 killed in storm in Moscow, Russia.
  • Baghdad Car Bomb rips through Ramadan break-fast
  • Could internet speculation on how to anticipate where ISIS will target, help?
. . May 25
  • Court of Appeals blocks Trump’s Travel Ban
  • Manchester Terror attacks continue
  • Pentagon confirms an ISIS attack that killed over 100 citizens in Mosul
  • More hurricanes are  excpected to begin again
  • Ann Coulter says Trump needs to change much of his cabinet members
. . May 19
  • Driver in Times Square kills 1 and injures 23 while driving on the sidewalk
  • Local News: Train in Rye goes off the track- 1 injured
  • The White House was invaded in an assassination attempt of Trump
  • Roger Ailes, who made Fox big, dies at 77
. . May 15
  • Vladimir Putin warns against North Korea ‘intimidation’ after latest missile launch.
  • Ann Coulter is worried the ‘Trump Haters were right – was she one of them?
  • Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons marries Todd Spiewak –  his long time partner
  • Sean Spicer says there is no need for a special prosecutor
  • Ukraine accused of supplying arms to South Sudan
May 8
  • 7000 bodies found buried under Mississippi River
  • Obama supposedly ‘warned’ Trump about Flynn
  • North Korea detains another US citizen
  • Will China back Kim Jong-Un with weapons- or are the two countries really enemies in disguise?
  • Macron defeats Le Pen in French election
May 5
  • Angelina Reid fired- she held the position of White House chief usher
  • Conservatives think the new healthcare bill is 90% Obamacare
  • Texas passes Article 5 Convention of States bill- Republicans need 23 more states
  • North Korea says CIA was planning to murder Kim Jong-Un
April 26
  • US are ‘open to negotiations’ with North Korea-  what does this mean?
  • Trump wants to review the National Monuments
  • Ann Coulter cancels speech again
  • Slavery continues in different ways
  • Marine Le Pen has full  focus on French Election
. . April 20
  • South Korea presidential candidate questioning his country’s loyalty to Donald Trump and US
  • Ahmadinejad (Iranian Presidential Candidate) disqualified from race
  • ISIS Claims responsibility for Paris Attack
  • Ann Coulter to speak at Berkeley despite protests and cancellation
  • Bill O’reilly gets fired
  • Arkansas executions passed
  • Aaron Hernandez commits suicide
April 14
  • US drops MOAB bomb on ISIS in Afghanistan
  • North Korea now threatens to come back with a bomb of their own
  • United Airlines passenger was supposedly ‘Stung by scorpion ‘
  • The US may launch another if North Korea does
  • Syrian people fleeing as fast as ever from Civil War
. . April 12
  • Sean Spicer says Trump likes Bannon’s ‘commitment to the team’
  • 18 US allied Syrian fighters killed in Coalition Air strike
  • North Korea vows to take action on any US military move
  • Can North Korea reach the US with their missiles and kill as many as they say?
  • Maureen McCormick says her greatest achievement is her lasting marriage, over playing Marcia Brady on ‘The Brady Bunch’
. . April 7
  • America bombs Syria after gas attack
  • US Senate to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • Stockholm truck crash killing at least four
  • India and Pakistan might be at war yet again
  • Phone call surveillance against the Constitution- will laws change?
April 3
  • Spy claims by the Democrats lead to huge controversy over election
  • Gop determined to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, despite ‘nuclear option’ threat by Democrats
  • Trump says Trade is better and stronger than ever
  • Storms break out in Mississippi and Alabama
  • Many killed in Colombia avalanche breakout
  • Sudan civil war is hurting the world
March 20
  • FBI has ‘no information’ on wiretapping
  • Is there a reason for holes in airplane windows?
  • With some democrats backing him, it looks like Neil Gorsuch will become Supreme
  • Court Justice
  • Chicago experiencing extraordinary violence and chaos
  • With Trump in command, America will gain and lose allies
  • Senators say Rex Tillerson is not doing his job
March 14th, 2017
  • Scotland is seeking independence from the European Union
  • North Korea is scaring people with their missiles
  • Trump and Chinese president Xi may meet in April, could discuss TRUCE
  • Could Egypt and Iran unite?
  • More women are buying guns in 2017
  • A 98-year-old man suspected of ordering the deaths of 44 Polish Jews, as a Nazi commander, was found in Minnesota
. . March 3rd, 2017
  • An ISIS defeat in Syria can open up a new civil war
  • Trump’s speech was critical, and might have turned the minds of people
  • Colin Kaepernick announced that he will stand for the Anthem
  • Man arrested for plotting against Jewish Community in St. Louis, which led to Nazi symbols being drawn on Synagogues
  • Ancient Chinese skulls give scientists clues of what Ancient China was like- can this mean a new big discovery?
  • The French election candidate Fillon’s spokesperson quit today
. . February 27th, 2017
  • EU wants out of cooperation with Sudan, after reports of human rights violations
  • Soldiers, civilians and political leaders killed in recent cases of chemical warfare
  • In 2016, there was a surge in hate crimes against refugees and migrants reported in Germany
  • A small plane crashed into a home in California
  • Trump plans a dramatic increase in military spending.
  • Are Republicans “Repealing and Replacing” Obamacare, or are they just fixing it?
February 22nd, 2017
  • Donald Trump went to an African-American museum and said that Anti-Semitism and Racism both have to stop
  •  British Author Helen Bailey was murdered; fiance Ian Stewart was found guilty
  • New immigration policies are getting both praise and alarm
  • Polls show people disapprove of President Trump- but not by as much as you would think
  • Who really voted illegally?
  • Graffiti was found on four monuments in Washington, D.C. It was about JFK murder and 9/11 – One of them said ” Jackie Shot JFK”
  • It’s OK to vocally dislike the President, but Sunsara Taylor took it too far by saying Trump was ‘More Dangerous than Hitler’
. . February 19th, 2017
  • Iran has officially began battle to free Western Mosul from ISIS
  • There have now been at least five California storm-related deaths
  • White House Chief of Staff says to take Trump seriously when he calls media ‘The Enemy’
  • McCain, on the other hand is criticizing Trump
  • A Palestinian was arrested for selling fake Israel entry permits
  • China bans all coal imports from North Korea
  • Dylann Roof will be sentenced to death after coming to Church and killing nine African-Americans
. . February 13th, 2017
  • Both North Korea and Iran test fired missiles- What does this mean for Israel, Japan, and most importantly, the United States?
  • Nearly 200,000 California citizens had to evacuate Oroville, CA. Does more technology need to be put in dams?
  • People from both parties comparing Trump to past presidents- but very different ones.
  • Even though polls aren’t exact, they show America almost 50-50 with Travel Ban
  • Is Trump a threat- are the stories true or not?
  • Popular Vote and Electoral College aside- who really had more supporters? Did Clinton really win the popular vote by that much? Did Trump really win the Electoral College by that much?
Comment if you have opinions. . . February 10, 2017
  • Trump vows to win Travel Ban Court Case
  • After Daniel Tarullo will resign from the Federal Reserve board this Spring, President Trump will have three spaces to fill on the Fed
  • Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington DC school
  • Local Iraqi Refugee is working with the US Marine Force- What do you think ? Weigh in.
  • Top House of Foreign Affairs Democrat: Trump must fire General Michael Flynn
  • Watch: Sean Spicer gets into argument with Press
. . February 7, 2017 Important Information
  • Betsy DeVos is our new Secretary of Education-  Good or bad for teachers?  Weigh in.
  • The state of Louisiana is in total crisis- 7 tornados
  • After Iran was preparing for missile bombing, they pulled it at the last second-why?
  • Polls can’t really be that accurate-all democratic polls disapprove of Trump- all Republican polls support him
  • Trump travel ban case- who will win?
  • US grants Dakota pipeline permission
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says their fight against terrorists is “Protecting the people of Europe.”
Comment if you have any thoughts. . . February 1, 2017 Important Information on News this week
  • “Persecuted Christians will be given Priority as Refugees” says Trump
  • Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court- Saying he has same conservative opinion as former Supreme Court Justice Scalia
  • Four staffers held hostage at Delaware maximum security prison
  • White house says they have Iran in notice
  • 1 killed, 1 injured at military New Mexico base
  • Trump said it is too early to discuss moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
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