Professional Artists Who Raise our Collective Consciousness

THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION     These artists raise consciousness about how we live.  Rather than offering answers, they encourage viewers to reflect on our world and on the issues of our time.  Big Picture Foundation kids are in the process of developing interview questions.  The kids will post short video clips of themselves asking questions.  Artists who feel inspired to help will have the chance to answer the questions.

Kids questions for artists (password protected)

Artist: Swoon – Cairo, 2010 Jim Kempner Fine Art, Artist: Swoon – Yaya, 2016, Die Kunstagentin, Artist: Swoon – Cairo, 2010, Jim Kempner Fine Art. For Copyright and Gallery Information, please see:
Shepard Fairey – USA

Artist:  Shepard Fairey – Women’s March Art

Copyright and Article:  (images courtesy of the Amplifier Foundation)

Ai Weiwei – China
Artist: Ai Weiwei – Rebar from collapsed schools of the Szechuan Province, China, following a 2008 earthquake. Copyright and Article:
Hank Willis Thomas
Artist: Hank Willis Thomas – “Branded Head” 2003 – Jack Shainman Gallery “Hank Willis Thomas (born March 17, 1976 in Plainfield, New Jersey) is a contemporary African-American visual artist, photographer and arts educator whose primary interests are race, advertising and popular culture.”

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