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Please help us make our program sustainable.

Mission:  Big Picture Foundation will empower middle and high school age children to use the arts to create an interactive global community. This will happen by: 1. Children sharing the results of art projects online.  2. Children using the arts to strengthen local, national, and global communities, through outreach with art and through collaborative activities.  3. Children learning about current events, geography, politics, and contemporary art, while engaging in global art collaborations.
Big Picture Foundation programs are FREE for all children.  Participating is fun and easy!  We offer opportunities for middle and high school age children to participate in community building art events.  We also invite students to share accomplishments in the arts and to share accomplishments using art for outreach. We encourage interactions and collaborations among groups for the sake of building a creative and joy filled global community.

Please help us make our program sustainable.

Thank you!

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