Public Service Announcement Art

The art on this page is offered to companies to use as backdrops for public service announcements. Note to companies:  Please overlay a message about a charity that somehow helps children. Then, please find someway, large or small, to publicly post your PSA. This way, the Big Picture Foundation kids, your company and the charity of your choice collaborate to make a global community of kindness. For Kids:  Please see work by artists that might offer inspiration.   Information for a company or person choosing art for a charitable PSA…
  1.  Claim an image by emailing
  2. Overlay a message about a children’s charity that you’d like to help or ask us to merge the image and the text
  3. Publish your public service announcement in an online newsletter, on a website, or elsewhere, to get the word out.
  4. Send us updates, so that your success becomes the kids’ pride, as well:
  5. Consider letting us post your PSA for others to use.
Organizations can print their customized PSA over and over again. The young artists own their copyright and may use their work in any way they see fit, now and in the future. psa for cws   Information for kids who want to submit art to be considered for public service announcements… Link to Submissions Page  

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