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February 7, 2017 Important Information
  • Betsy DeVos is our new Secretary of Education-  Good or bad for teachers?  Weigh in.
  • The state of Louisiana is in total crisis- 7 tornados
  • After Iran was preparing for missile bombing, they pulled it at the last second-why?
  • Polls can’t really be that accurate-all democratic polls disapprove of Trump- all Republican polls support him
  • Trump travel ban case- who will win?
  • US grants Dakota pipeline permission
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says their fight against terrorists is “Protecting the people of Europe.”
  February 1, 2017 Important Information on News this week
  • “Persecuted Christians will be given Priority as Refugees” says Trump
  • Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court- Saying he has same conservative opinion as former Supreme Court Justice Scalia
  • Four staffers held hostage at Delaware maximum security prison
  • White house says they have Iran in notice
  • 1 killed, 1 injured at military New Mexico base
  • Trump said it is too early to discuss moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
Comment if you have any thoughts Source: Alon’s Week in Review   Comment if you have any thoughts Source: Alon’s Week in Review

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